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Back on Track

©2001 / Alcatrash

C:\format Alcatrash

You want to know his name ...
You wanna know my name?
Huh, you want it right now?
Well, it's Raven
now begin to bow before me
so you and I can see
that I'm the best MC with the strategy
to take over the whole rap industry
all I need is a strong mentality
We're gonna sell one million copies
of this song
because the audience know
we're big as King Kong

Don't you fucking dare us to attack
We still stand strong
We're back on track!

Unlike the rest we don't sit and slack
We work as hell
We're back on track!

We don't do pot, dope, smack nor crack
Oh no, motherfucker
We're back on track!

Our rhymes don't do well with a rack
Need Hi-Fi now,
We're back on track!

Hi everybody
yeah, hi it's me
A leet motherfucker
The name: Jelani
or Jack the Rapper if you prefer that
I'm so violent I'm gonna hitcha with a bat!
My rhyme is gonna getcha
or else I'll motherfucking fetcha
as I'm going for your brain
you're outta pain
no gain!
I'm driving you insane!

Where's my paycheck?
I want it now!
Didn't make any money?
What? Where? Why? How?
Didn't sell any albums?
Why the hell not?
Motherfucking Napster,
let them all rot in hell now
where they belong
ain't gonna make money on my song
I've spent about a minute
writing this rhyme
Back the hell up,
it's my bloody time!

Collect your things, begin to pack
Didn't you know?
We're back on track!

We don't give a fuck, fick, fock or fack
Cursing's bad
We're back on track!

We just made up a new word: dack
at least it rhymes with
Back on Track!

Don't mess with us, or you'll get smacked
or maybe whacked
We're back on tracked!

Our record sales didn't go off the charts
it's all gonna end before it starts
Wanted to end up in fame and glory
but no one wanted to hear our story
Realized our rhymes are crappy
still no reason to get sappy about it
'cause we don't give up
our many failures will never sto...p

We're Alcatrash, and the case is this
We never miss, cuz we are the bliss
when you turn the beat up, - we turn the heat up
Coming through the stereo and
disrupting the day-to-day communications
They're in heaven, We're in a stasis
We're not saturated with this situation
not satisfied, wanna reach every station
Wanna make everybody know what we stand for
«... You can't get it, but you want more»
You crave more, wanna join the movement?
wait on the pavement, reach an agreement
waiting in line for the next CD
Wanna hear the rhymes of the glorious
MC Raven and Jelani - That's me!
Once you're hooked on us you can never be free

Back shack mack fackylackytack attack (Welcome to Rackyclackastan!)
rack stack tack
We're back on track!

Women come join our love shack
you'll keep coming back
on track

We rhyme motherfucking much better than you
oh yes we do
We're back on ... who?

There are no skills we do not lack
We're back on track

Dibberdee dibberdoo Dibberda dooberday
I look at you / you look at me

On track back track on back track?
yes, back on trackinwhacky whack on track

You think we're bad at reppin'?
You think we're any better at steppin'?
I'm the king! / No, I'm the king!
but sure as hell, we cannot sing

Back on track
It's a back on track, uh

it's the motherfucking motherfucking motherfucking
motherfucking motherfucking motherfucking
back on track so /
Don't don't don't don't do not do not don't don't

Don't be messin' with the gang
Don't be messin'-with-the gang-GANG! (gang gang)
Don't be messin' with the gang
stay outta our way or else bang bang!

Cuz it's a gang war
yeah it's a gang war
trespassing our territory
gang war
it's a gang war
yeah it's a gang war
it's a motherfucking freaking fragging
gang war!

It's a gang war, baby
uh, from the ghetto mastah